Tänkte börja en ny intervjuserie här med ARTISTER! Artister som i konstnärer, hantverkare, musiker, what have you. Såna jag gillar. Och känner litegrann. Som bor här borta. Först ut är överkvinnan Lindsay Mound som är bl.a illustratör, make-up artist och sångerska. Just nu ikväll spelar hennes band Color War på Fritz’s Corner i Stockholm, skynda er dit om ni hinner!



Lindsays magiska design för Color Wars singel Obelisklindsay01

Lindsays grymma (och smarta!) illustrationer för Glamour Magazine

J – I read an interview with you when you said “Usually I say that I can do something, even if I’ve never done it, then I do it and become a person who’s allowed to say they do it”. That’s such an excellent attitude I think! Were you always like that or is it something you have learned along the way? Where has that method taken you so far?

L – I think it’s always been in my nature to try new things. Generally that’s the hardest part of something. I find if I  can get past the beginning stages of a new craft, medium, subject… then I’m good to go with nothing to lose. It’s lead me to illustration, logo design, hand lettering, singing, song writing, face painting, animation, prop building, fashion design, art direction. Not to say I am a master of any, but they are all now services I provide!


Lindsays illustrationer för Lucky Peach magazine

J – You grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, how and why did you end up living in New York?

L – I came after high school for college. It was a huge change. Sometimes I can’t believe I ever made the leap and that I’m still alive!

J – You sing like an angel! Has singing always been a necessity for you or is it also something that comes about from being at a certain place at a certain time and just going for it?

L – It’s always been a necessity but not till recent years has it been a legitimate practice. I am an untrained singer and got most of my experience by singing in the backseat out of boredom or emotion. Now that I am a singer and songwriter I feel that it’s the same momentary desire that brings about a song.

J – How did Color War start? You’ve been sticking together for quite a while, have the band gone through many transformations or have you stayed pretty much the same?

L – We have definitely evolved and it’s that evolution that has kept us together for this long. We started as a joke almost. Billy my bandmate heard I wanted to be in a band and so we started practicing with a friend. It was my first time writing music or being in a band. It was called Cockblock because we were 2 girls and a guy and when we were all together, no one could get any action. But our punk rock friend left us, and with her went the drums. So we were left to our two piece which after years or experimentation and development has become COLOR WAR.


Color War – Lindsay Mound & Billy J


Screenshot från videon för S.O.S

J – Do you know any useful spells?

L – I so wand to be able to say yes!

J – Hehe… What is your favourite thing to draw?

L – Faces. I think I am like you in that way. Though we do it so differently, which I love. Faces present such a challenge and bring such a reward when they’re done well. Well not meaning accurately or realistically necessarily.

J – What are your goals and hopes for 2014?

L – Oh boy! I have so many. Especially because all of my unattained hopes and dreams from 2013 and other years passed roll over to this year. But 2014 specific goals and hopes? I want to see more of the world and hopefully play for new audiences while so doing, I want to integrate time for fine art in between my music and illustration schedule, see more of my family, and finally have a hippie homemade lunch date in Brooklyn with Jenny Mörtsell, my favorite illustrator.

J – That we have to make happen for sure! Last question: Is there anything you’d like to recommend to us?

L – Not that I need to recommend this, as it’s something I just found on our tour while in Sweden, but: Panda Lakupala Ice Cream Bars . WTF!? It’s like a weird party in your mouth that makes you slightly uncomfortable and yet you never want to leave. But as far as things you might not yet know about: Green Chile from my homeland, New Mexico. No other pepper will do. I am a legit addict. When you find it, you’ll know…

J – Thank you Lindsay!!!

Lindsay Mound is first out in a series of interviews here on the blog with artists I like (and know a little). Go check out her music and drawings via the links above asap!